my name is mira.

m u e s i  is sena and means >moon<.

sena is one of the various languages spoken in mozambique, where i lived for several months in 2012 and 2013. that was when i decided to create a platform for the things i want to share.

i do photography, music and i draw. i love words and i find it fascinating to listen to different languages and to learn and compare new words, detecting slight differences in meanings and use and consider them as the atoms of which our cosmos of thoughts is woven.

i’m interested in aesthetic patterns and details, creative cocreation, sensitive and inclusive representation, nature, travels, the quest for self-development and freedom and how each of us can find a very unique way to tell stories of life and create personal meaning.

i was born in darmstadt, germany and i lived, learned and studied in frankfurt a.m. i have a magister-degree in linguistics and education for art. i worked in the field of political education and graduated in visual culture about representation and visual power structures.