Schnipsel and the tiny star

My studies of art for education and linguistics at the Goethe University in Frankfurt a.M. led me to an interdisciplinary thesis in the field of “Visual Culture”. I dedicated myself to the topic of representation and so-called “visual power structures”. I linked the scientific considerations with exemplary image analyses, possible solution strategies and finally my own illustrations on questions of visibility and possibilities of “making visible”. Which images do I find in my visual environment? And just as important: Which not? Which stories are told how and where? And which ones are not (yet) told?

In order to think about the issue of representation within a post-migrant society, it is essential to classify it in terms of the connections between power, identity and culture. In this connection
postcolonial issues with the analysis of hierarchical structures that persist in our everyday life.
If you are wondering why I mention this now? Primarily, because the motivation for my picture book is also fed by these debates and a great impetus for the idea of my book, the how and the what, comes from my observation that I could hardly or not at all find certain books in the German picture book landscape.

Since a little more than three years I am a white mother of a black daughter. Since we read children’s books and read stories together every evening, my desire to show her pictures that reflect puzzle pieces of her own reality has become more urgent. So i started to make a picturebook myself…